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Wound Up™ Philosophy

Wound Up™ Composite Cycles manufactures outstanding, high performance composite bicycle components in the high desert air of Salt Lake City, Utah, using X-WOUND technology. X-WOUND technology is our name for filament winding, the most advanced and automated composite manufacturing process available that turns continuous filaments of carbon fiber into the highest quality composite components. Our engineers commit their many years experience to designing products that are light, durable, and failure-free.

The Wound Up R&D team has the advantage of designing and testing all our products on the road and singletrack in our backyard... the Wasatch Mountains to Moab. We thoroughly test all of our products in our lab with facilities like our newly built and dedicated fatigue testing machine. On the weekends, our riders race-test our products. We sponsor winning athletes who ride our products because they want to.

Road Fork

Occasionally someone comes along with a totally new way of looking at an old idea that enables a breakthrough to happen. Our slate was clean for this one. We set out to create a sub 1 pound carbon road fork that was extremely stiff laterally for unmatched cornering, climbing, and sprinting characteristics, yet still gave the high level of comfort carbon forks have become cherished for. In the past, one has always had to give up stiffness for comfort. We considered that a challenge.

We start with X-WOUND euro-straight tapered carbon legs, bond them into our CNC-machined polished aluminum crown, and our stout machined aluminum dropouts, then attach your choice of either a chromoly steerer or our revolutionary carbon steerer. The X-WOUND carbon steerer provides additional dampening qualities to the fork and saves considerable weight. A 200 mm chromoly steerer WOUND UP fork weighs 515 grams. The same length WOUND UP fork with either carbon steerer (1" or 1-1/8") fork weighs just 470 grams.

Wound Up Road Fork

Incorporating a form follows function mind set, we have created a totally unique looking, extremely light- weight, patented, carbon road fork that sets the new standard for performance. Period.
Since we built it, they have come. WOUND UP road forks have become the choice of the top racers in the U.S. From a National Amateur Criterion Champion to the most winning Master's team in cycling history, racers are realizing the edge WOUND UP forks are giving them.

Team X Cyclo-Cross Fork

Hardcores ... you asked and we responded with the ultimate cyclo-cross fork. Using the proven technology and construction featured in our Road Fork, the Team X Cross Fork meets your specialized racing and recreational needs. A slightly different carbon leg taper and profile creates unmatched performance. A new crown design in 2003 provides ample mud clearance for 34C tires. And when it comes to shouldering your bike over nasty obstacles, the lightweight carbon design helps minimize the load. To our knowledge, the Team X Cyclo-Cross fork is one of the lightest "Cross" fork on the planet.

The Team X Disc Cross Fork is also available. It has a thoroughly tested standard 160mm universal disc brake mount to hold up to the most extreme braking forces.

Wound Up Road Fork

Tandem Fork *

Wound Up Composite Cycles and Co-Motion Cycles have doubled up to develop the best tandem specific carbon fork on the market. This fork has been available since May 2001 in both Cantilevered/V Brake and Caliper/Road Brake styles. The Research and Development stage focused on key concerns to many tandem riders: comfort/handling, safety, and weight savings over steel forks. Both companies agreed that vastly improving the dynamics of comfort and handling while inherently recognizing the long safety history of steel forks was the first key. We’ve done that. Constant and vigilant computer modeling, testing and riding of prototypes and the final product over a one year span have given us tremendous confidence in the supreme comfort the fork provides and the overall safety under the toughest of conditions and loads. Using X-Wound technology we have also significantly reduced the weight of tandem forks. Both models weigh-in at ~800 grams with the standard 1-1/8" carbon steerer and this is half the weight of true tandem steel forks. We could have gone lighter…but not without sacrificing rider comfort and safety. And that is what Wound Up and Co-Motion are all about: innovation without cutting corners, innovation with full focus on those who ride. But don’t just take our word for it….

Wound Up Road Fork

"The Co-Motion Wound Up carbon tandem fork is a great addition to tandems as a whole. Forget the weight savings, the performance advantages alone make this an excellent choice. I’ve noticed that initiating turns takes less effort and handling is noticeably improved. At the same time, there is significant fatigue reduction during longer rides as this fork helps isolate my hands from vibration: I’m just not as tired. Lynn and I have really enjoyed the new fork’s impact on the ride of our Co-Motion Robusta, and we’ve also recommended it as a great upgrade for other tandems. "
--Relentless tandem pushers Patrick Gibbons and Lynn Dexter (Owners of Tandem Cycle Works, Denver CO)

* the tandem forks are available for both caliper and cantilevered brakes.
* three steerer options are available - 1" steel, 1-1/8" carbon, 1-1/4" carbon
* the tandem fork was developed with Co-Motion cycles.

Wound Up Sketch

Fork Dimensions 700 C 650 B Cross Tandem
BH (brake height) 355.6 mm 330.2 mm n/a 359 mm
RH (race height) 365.2 mm 339.2 mm 395.0 mm 387 mm
RAKE 35, 40, 45, 48 mm 37.5 mm 43 mm 45 mm

Steer Tube Dimensions   Carbon1" dia. Steel1" dia. Carbon1-1/8" dia.
TL Thread Length Threadless 55 mm or threadless Threadless
RD Race Diameter 26.4 mm 26.4 mm 30.0 mm
Inner Diameter 22.2 mm (.875") 22.4 mm (.880") 20.5mm (.805")
Outer Diameter 25.4 mm (1") 25.4 mm (1") 28.58 mm (1.125")
Thread n/a 1" x 24 TPI n/a
Lengths Available 300 mm threadless 145 mm, 180 mm, 210 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm , 300 mm threadless, 400 mm* threadless 300 mm threadless, 400mm** Threadless