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We don't believe pain and performance go hand in hand. That's why the X-Post III is light, durable, and forgiving. We use a section of our X-Wound Carbon tubing for the post and attach an intricately sculpted 6061-T6 seat post head with a full 3/4" of set-back. Rider driven from the day of development, the X-wound tubing inherently absorbs road shock, making it the perfect seat post material. Add to this the fact that our 27.2mm diameter tubing is up to 5X stronger than standard aluminum posts, and you start to ask "why not?"

X-Post III is available in the following sizes and finishes:

Road Post: 235 mm length, 27.2 mm OD, 170 grams (satin)

Mountain Post: 350 mm length, 27.2 mm OD, 240 grams (satin)

Tandem Post: 350 mm length, 29.8 mm OD, 240 grams (glossy)

Wound Up Road Fork